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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m passionate about cooking and eating real food. Now, I want to help you spread the word and make money in the process! All of the Naked Food Cooking products have been setup on Clickbank, the leading online ebook retailer (http://www.clickbank.com/). All you need to do is follow the 3-step process below to get started.

Three Easy Steps To Start Selling

  1. First, get a free Clickbank ID (if you do not have one already)
  2. Next, create your own special hoplink for promoting the Naked Food Cooking products with http://xxxxx.skustes.hop.clickbank.net (where xxxxx is your clickbank ID)
  3. Finally, start promoting your link and make 55% on any sales!

Creating Your Hoplink

The “hoplink” is the url that you will use to make sure you get credit for any sales that come from referring people to any Naked Food Cooking product. Your hoplink will be the following:


Just change the “xxxxx” to your Clickbank ID name. That is the key piece that gives you credit for any sales. The “skustes” is the Clickbank ID for Naked Food Cooking. So if your Clickbank ID is “abc123″, then your hoplink will be: http://abc123.skustes.hop.clickbank.net/

Choose Your Own Landing Page

By default, people who click on your affiliate link will land on the Naked Food Cooking main page. However, you have complete control over where you send visitors. I’ve setup the site to allow you to send people to any page on the site. This is accomplished through the use of a Page ID (pid) added to the end of your hoplink.

Predefined Landing Pages

To make things easy, I’ve defined several pids that you can use instead of the longer version described above.

If you think a particular post deserves a shortened pid to make your life easier, let me know on my Contact Form.


If you still have questions about this whole process, I suggest you read more hoplinks on Clickbank’s site.

Stay Informed!

I have tons of ideas for products that are going to improve people’s lives, make them healthier, help them enjoy cooking and eating, and generally teach them to kick tail in the kitchen. I’ve setup a Naked Food Cooking Affiliate Community where I’ll send out updates and tips for promoting Naked Food Cooking products.

I Respect Your Email Privacy

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