Why I’m Here

I built this site because I want to help you cook and eat better food. We all have to eat, so why not eat food that tastes, looks, and smells incredible? Why go out to eat to have tasty food when you can cook better food at home with ingredients that you chose yourself?

I want to show you the tips and tricks I use to turn out quick, delicious, and healthy meals with real food, not stuff out of a package. If you’re looking for ideas on new ways to use meat, vegetables, herbs, and spices, Naked Food Cooking is your spot.

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About Scott Kustes

I started Naked Food Cooking out of my determination to cook amazing food. Five years ago, I was where you might be. I was happy to be able to use a George Foreman grill and steam some vegetables.

And now, I’m a guy that friends regularly ask for input on how to cook a particular dish. Or what types of seasonings go with this or that. Or they want me to handle the main course at the parties and potlucks. Guys, listen up…I even changed my girlfriend from a girl that didn’t like pork and beef to a girl that’ll eat beef heart, bacon, and ribs.

For several years now, friends and family have been telling me that I should have a cooking show or write a cookbook or even open a restaurant.

So I started a site where I can help other people learn to cook. I figured if I spent this many years learning what I’ve learned, there had to be others out there struggling through some of the same things I did or just generally looking for new ideas and ways to change things up.

Contact Me

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