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Do you have any of these problems or concerns?

– There’s not enough time to cook Real Food every night.

– You’re unhappy with the results of your time in the kitchen.

– You have trouble coming up with ideas for nightly dinners that the family likes.

If so, the “Cooking Fresh” Series will help you overcome them. I put this series together to help people address these very issues. Over the next 2 weeks, I have over 1.5 hours of free video lessons that I’ll deliver to your inbox covering:

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– Where to Get the Highest Quality Meat and How To Cook It

– How and Where To Buy the Freshest Produce

– The Two Key Cooking Methods for Quick Weeknight Meals

– How To Finish Your Meal with Delicious Sauces and Herbs

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There are plenty of people telling you WHAT to eat. You can go to one of any of the thousands of blogs out there that will tell you what to eat (or rather, what restrictions you have to force on yourself), but they won’t tell you HOW to make your food taste good.

There are another thousand sites that will give you millions of recipes that you can grab and follow word for word to come up with a good dinner. But they don’t actually teach you a thing about HOW or WHY you should do certain things in the cooking process. Looking at a lot of other people’s recipe, I’m not convinced even they know why they do the things they do.

So I want to help you actually get in the kitchen and have fun, learn how to cook any kind of meat and vegetables, and be able to make up your own killer recipes instead of just following what someone else (who doesn’t have your taste buds) thinks tastes good.
Braised Arm Roast, Okra, Quinoa, and Marrow Bone

I don’t care if you can’t use an Easy Bake Oven. You can learn to cook really good food. It was only a few years back, I couldn’t cook to save my life. But I decided to learn to use fresh herbs and spices, the proper way to use the various cooking methods, and flavors that combine well.

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